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Insurance Law

We have helped level the playing field for hundreds of clients and look forward to helping you obtain the justice you deserve.

Whether your loved one was involved in a fatal accident, your home was damaged due to a natural disaster, or your property was compromised due to inadequate or faulty construction, all of these circumstances may require compensation by way of insurance coverage.

As an insured policyholder in good standing, you expect that your insurance company will come through in your time of need. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.If your coverage is denied, delayed or underpaid, you need legal representation from an expert in insurance law.

Millions of Dollars Recovered for the Insured

Our Florida attorneys refuse to settle for less than what you are entitled to. We help level the playing field for our clients and look forward to helping you obtain the full recovery you deserve.

Clients choose our firm for many reasons:

  • We have recovered more than $127 million on behalf of policyholders
  • We offer a free initial case consultation for prospective clients
  • We provide legal services for English and Spanish speakers throughout Florida
  • We can travel to your home or business to meet with you

How We Can Help You: Our Areas of Practice

We understand that many of our clients are facing financial hardship as a result of an insurance company’s failure to pay a claim. We accept cases on a contingency fee basis (meaning you pay nothing upfront) and offer completely complimentary case consultations. Affordable advocacy can not only help offset the cost of legal representation, but can also put you in the best position to learn about your rights, provide answers to your questions, and give you the legal support you need.

Hurricane Damage

As residents of Florida know, enjoying the sunshine and tropical climate of our state also means being exposed to brutal...
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First Party Insurance Claims

“First-party” insurance claims are those that are made directly by a policy holder to their insurance company. For example, an individual...
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Commercial Building

At Danahy & Murray we fully understand that you have made a significant investment in your business and commercial property,...
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Storm Damage

When a storm, such as a hurricane, causes damage and financial loss, insurance companies are expected to fulfill their promise and...
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Stucco Damage

Although stucco systems have been in use for many decades, in recent years it has become popular to place these...
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Water & Mold Damage

Water losses are common and can result in huge financial and emotional loss. A water loss can occur any number of...
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Disability Insurance Claims

Purchasing disability insurance can provide peace of mind if you become disabled and are unable to work. If you have a...
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Fire Damage

If your home or business is damaged by fire, the cause of a fire is usually the first question your insurance...
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Life Insurance Claims

The death of a loved one can be a complex, confusing, and emotionally difficult time for the people left behind....
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Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance pays the cost of nursing home care or home health services to policyholders who are no longer...
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Sinkhole Damage

In Florida, Sinkholes occur when groundwater erodes the limestone beneath the ground. Most people think of sinkholes as large holes...
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Business Insurance Claims

If you are a business owner, or commercial property owner, you likely carry several different insurance policies to protect your interests....
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Bad Faith

Insurance Lawyers assist with Bad Faith claims in Florida The Florida Statues and Administrative Code provisions control the conduct of...
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Failure to Investigate a Claim

There are many ways an insurance provider can act in bad faith, and one of the most common is a failure...
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Failure to Pay a Claim

The whole purpose of purchasing insurance is having the peace of mind that, if and when the unexpected occurs, your...
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Hail Damage

Hail can cause visible and non-visible damages to your insured property. Hail can cause severe damage. Buildings, cars, crops, and...
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